After Craigslist decided to shut down their casual encounters sections, we’ve been hard at work to find the very best sites for local hookups here in Austin, Texas. We scoured the net, joined over 150 dating and hookup sites, and narrowed it down to the following 3 sites. We wholeheartedly recommend each one of these sites for anyone that’s looking for a quick fling here in Austin.

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Getting the Most out of Austin Casual Encounters

Austin is one of those cities that can invoke a wide-ranging set of ideas, memories, and expectations. It is the state capital of Texas while also being home to an ever-growing tech industry. It has garnered international appeal and recognition by being the yearly host to the South by Southwest Festival and adds to its vigor by being home to the Univesity of Texas at Austin — the flagship campus in the UT system. It can irrefutably be said that Austin, while not the biggest city in Texas, is definitely its most cosmopolitan.

It should, therefore, be no surprise that Austin casual encounters can be a lot of fun. Combining Texas charm with a youthful and modernistic approach to life, the people of Austin are among the friendliest and the most open-minded in the great state of Texas.

For locals and visitors alike, there is plenty to do and see in Austin. This provides for a wealth of opportunities to mingle, hang out, enjoy yourself, and meet people. If a visit to Austin is on your agenda, rest assured that if you fancy a casual encounter — you will have plenty of opportunities to find one.

— 3 Sites to Use in Austin for Casual Encounters —

Of course, no matter how open-minded the people, how lively it’s social scene and nightlife — the process for hooking yourself up with some Austin casual encounters will go much smoother for you if you incorporate a few handy and effective tools. We are talking of course about dating and hookup platforms.

If you were to conduct a web search for hookup sites you would likely drown in the results. There are simply too many of them. Even if you are already familiar or comfortable with a few dating and hookup sites that you use back home, a site that is effective in New York or Chicago, may not be as effective in Austin. Yes, hookup sites can have regional biases when it comes to performance. Add to this the fact that for every effective site that is online there are easily a hundred sites that are wastes of time, narrowing your “toolset” and honing it for Austin casual encounters is a necessity.

If you reside permanently in Austin, the need for a dating platform that has been proven to provide results consistently is even more pronounced. By choosing a hookup site that is geared toward the Austin lifestyle instead of a “fly by night” service that is all promises and light on results, you will make dating — especially casual encounters — fun, smooth and stress-free.

To that end, here are three hookup sites that have consistently provided the best results for finding Austin casual encounters.

1. AdultFriendFinder

Casual Dating Site #1 - Adultfriendfinder

There is a very good chance that you are already familiar with AdultFriendFinder. At the very least, you should be acquainted with its brand. Having been in operation since 1996, it is fair to label it as one of the pillars of the modern online hookup industry.

Much like a good wine, AdultFriendFinder (AFF) has developed quite well with age. As of 2018, it has an ever-expanding user base that numbers 85 million people. Of course, when your focus is on finding casual encounters in a specific city — such as Austin — you may ask yourself whether huge worldwide membership numbers translate well.

Fortunately, AFF is one of the few hookup sites that have achieved true market penetration, particularly in the United States. Whether you are searching for a casual encounter in a large city, small town or rural outpost, AFF will have many open-minded adults seeking the same thing you are. When it comes specifically to Austin, it is estimated that there are over 50,000 registered AFF members living in the greater Austin metropolitan area.

We are not talking about people who registered back in 2002 and have since married and settled down never bothering to remove their profile. We are talking about active AFF members. You know, the ones who want to hookup and have some real adult fun.

Based solely on local membership figures AFF provides you the best shot at finding an Austin casual encounter. However, AdultFriendFinder does not rest on its laurels. Its large user base of Austin residents is made even more powerful by offering a wealth of features to its users. When it comes to creating a smooth and effective user experience AFF is in a league of its own.

The AFF search and people discovery features are among the best in the industry. Not only will they allow you to conduct searches specific to Austin, but they also offer you precision searches. By this, we mean that when you conduct a search on AFF you can customize the search parameters in order to find the most compatible match for you in Austin. This can be based on physical, personality and sexual attributes.

AFF is perfect for finding your ideal sexual partner. No matter what you are into, there is bound to be someone on AFF that is into the same thing. This means that no matter your gender, your age, your appearance — hooking up in Austin via AdultFriendFinder is a breeze. AFF members are well-known for being honest about what they want, about why they are on the platform. When you meet someone on AFF you now that they are as eager for a casual encounter as you are. Imagine that — no crap, no waste of time — pure action.

Another benefit of using AFF while in Austin is that its effective coverage is truly worldwide. That means that after your numerous casual encounters in Austin, you can rely on AFF to help you find a casual encounter in the next city you visit or even back home. Consider AFF the casual encounter site that keeps on giving no matter where you are.


2. Ashley Madison

Casual Dating Site #2 - ashley-madison

Another site that can be very useful for finding Austin casual encounters is Ashley Madison. With over 55 million members worldwide and an estimated 25,000 active members in the Austin area alone, Ashley Madison is a great place to start searching for open-minded adults seeking no-strings-attached encounters.

If you have never used Ashley Madison before, chances are that you only have a vague impression of the site based on its marketing efforts or prior media coverage. You may think of it as the quintessential “cheating” site. This is understandable. After all, from 2002 through 2015, it’s tagline used to be “life is short, have an affair.” Presently, Ashley Madison is still a very effective platform for finding discreet extramarital affairs, but it is also useful for all types of casual encounters.

Ever since it fell victim to an infamous hacking attack in which its members’ list was compromised in 2015, Ashley Madison has completely revamped its security protocols. In fact, it is currently one of the safest and most discreet platforms for hooking up. These characteristics make it quite popular with certain segments of the Austin market. Many in the tech industry and in state government rely on Ashley Madison in order to discreetly meet people for casual encounters and affairs.

If you are a visitor to Austin, this makes Ashley Madison very powerful for you. Consider this, if you were to be a local resident of Austin who is a member of Ashley Madison, would you prefer to find a local resident for your one-time no-strings-attached romp — someone who you might inadvertently bump into at the supermarket? Or would you prefer to meet someone who is from out of town and who will go back to their own city in a few days? With whom would you feel freer to be open and uninhibited?

We’re sure that you get the picture now. Ashley Madison is an excellent way for out-of-towners to hookup with a local Austin resident for real uninhibited fun. You are essentially leveraging the local membership base of Ashley Madison for your sexual benefit.

Another thing that Ashley Madison has going for it — at least if you are a male or a woman seeking the company of another woman — is the fact that Ashley Madison has a well-balanced male to female gender ratio. There are many reasons how this came to be. Suffice it to say that fueled by the fact that women can get full membership on Ashley Madison for free, it has a large number of active female members.

Ashley Madison can be seen as the sophisticated yet very open-minded solution for finding Austin casual encounters.


3. Instabang

Instabang is an online hookup and dating platform that is not as famous as the two previous platforms mentioned above. However, when you take into consideration its high levels of popularity within the Austin market, it makes for an excellent choice to use while in the city. Also, the fact that close to 80 percent of members claim to have successfully hooked up while using the site gives it a dose of participant-backed cred that cannot be ignored.

Instabang gels well with the Austin vibe. It is very inclusive, open-minded, flexible and progressive — much like the people of Austin. This is certainly one of the main reasons why so many Austonians are on the platform. (Our apologies to those Austin residents who prefer to be called “Austinites”)

Nationwide, Instabang has a gender ratio of 70 percent male members to 30 percent female members. In the Austin metropolitan area, however, that ratio is a much more balanced 55 percent male to 45 percent female. From college students, to startup founders, to those working in tech — a true cross-section of the upwardly mobile segment of Austin can be found on Instabang.

While Instabang is very popular in the Austin area, some other parts of the country and the world are barely catching on to it. Leave it to the “Silicon Valley of the Southwest” to get in on the act of something good ahead of the curve, right? Anyway, this disparity can be of great benefit to you if you are from out of town. Imagine being the only customer in a store offering excellent deals on Black Friday — pretty sweet, huh?


— 11 Places to Go With Your Casual Date in Austin, Texas —

Okay, so you used one of the casual dating platforms listed above or you met someone on your own. Regardless, the point is that you have hooked up. So, far Austin is really turning out to be an awesome town. The question now is where are you going to go?

Obviously, at some point — at least, hopefully — you will end up in the privacy and intimacy of a bed being set ablaze with your mutually arduous passion. However, between sharing your first hello and rolling around in the sheets, chances are that you will want to go someplace to get to know each other just a little bit better.

Don’t worry, Austin has you covered on that front as well. There are plenty of places to go for all interests — for all personality types. Man, is Austin a great city or what? Here are eleven places to go with your casual date while in Austin.

1. Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthoouse Austin Texas - Casual Date Spot 1

This gem of a place combines two popular dating activities, going to the movies and dinner. Think about it, by condensing these two actions into one you save time for more “pleasurable” activities later.

Located on fun and rowdy 6th Street, the Alamo Drafthouse offers a roomy enclave to stay in the middle of the fun while having a relatively private surrounding to talk and discover more about each other.

Visit their WebSite

2. The Elephant Room

The Elephant Room Austin Texas - Casual Date Spot 2

Located on Congress Avenue, the Elephant Room provides you with a jazzy and slightly Bohemian atmosphere that is perfect for your final stop before heading off to your (or their) place. Whether you just use it as the public place to meet before heading off for your no-strings-attached adventure, or if you decide to stick around and enjoy a few drinks together, the Elephant Room is a choice spot.

Visit the Elephant Room

3. Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza

Stanleys's Farmhouse Pizza Austin Texas - Casual Date Spot 3

If you like craft beer and artisan pizza, Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza is a great place to have a casual date. Located in a genuine farmhouse, it offers an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and get a taste of a real Texan “spread.”

By the way, if you are wondering who “Stanley” is, he was the first bull on the ranch. Really, we’re not BSing.

Visit Stanley’s FarmHouse Pizza

4. Lake Cruise, Kayaking, Canoeing and Giant Swan Pedal Boats

Lady Bird Lake Austin Texas - Casual Date Spot 4

A visit to Lady Bird Lake is a great way to spend a few hours with your casual date. This is especially true when you can choose between strolling lakeside, taking a dinner or lunch cruise, or if you are more energetic and adventurous, canoeing or kayaking. Oh, yes, you can also spend some time sitting on a swan-shaped pedal boat. How’s that for spending some unique time together?

For some, this type of outing might be too similar to what one would expect from a more “traditional” type of date as opposed to setting the tone for a casual encounter. However, for others, this type of activity can be a great way to break the ice, loosen up, and move on to more carnal activities a few hours down the line.

Lake Cruise

5. Frolf at Zilker Park

Zilker Park Austin Texas - Casual Date Spot 5

Okay, first, what is frolf? It is a version of golf played tossing a frisbee as opposed to carrying golfs clubs and hitting a tiny ball toward an equally as tiny hole. In Austin, Zilker Park is the place to enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine, and the frolf. It is a frolf enthusiasts paradise.

Frolf is unique enough to elicit a good time and to fill an entertaining afternoon. It will show off to your casual date the fact that you are not uptight and can really enjoy the flavor of Austin. Who knows, you may become a full-time frolf aficionado following the experience.

Zilker Park

6. Hippie Hollow Park

Hippie Hollow Park Austin Texas - Casual Date Spot 6

Located along the shore of Lake Travis in the Northwest section of Austin, Hippie Hollow Park is a very interesting location. You see, it is a clothing-optional public park. Yes, both men and women can stroll through the park and enjoy the fresh air free of the limitations and encumbrances of clothing.

Come on, you can’t tell us that such an experience doesn’t sound refreshingly modern. What better prelude could there be to a casual fling than spending an afternoon sunbathing nude or skinny dipping together?

Yes, it’s daring but so too is a casual encounter. Why not add a little extra spice to the experience. You are in Texas, after all — home of spicy chili and Tex-Mex cuisine.

Hippie Hollow Park

7. iFly

iFly Austin Texas - Casual Date Spot 7

No, iFly is not some convoluted new device being launched by Apple that will drain hundreds or thousands of dollars from your wallet. iFly-Austin is a fun wind tunnel that recreates the thrill of skydiving indoors. You are provided with a wingsuit and helmet so that you may experience the thrill of flight.

Adrenaline pumping activities such as these make for the perfect gateway to an intense night of physical bliss.

iFly Austin, Texas

8. A Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tours Austin Texas - Casual Date Spot 8

Austin is a city that offers many spectacular views when seen from the air. The city skyline, the Texas hill country, the lakes, the Colorado River — all can be better appreciated when seen from the air.

Memorable on their own, a helicopter tour of Austin as part of a casual date will really add sparkle to the whole affair. Besides, it brings a “Fifty Shades of Grey” motif to the whole date. Most would see that as a plus.

Austin Helicopter Tours

9. The New Movement

The New Movement Austin Texas - Casual Date Spot 9

The New Movement is an improv and comedy club located in downtown Austin. If both you and your casual date are into comedy, an evening at The New Movement can be a move worth making.

Something to keep in mind is that human sexuality studies have consistently shown that laughter, especially sustained laughter, can have aphrodisiac style effects. When viewed that way, stand-up comedy takes on a whole new light.

10. Pinballz

Pinballz Austin Texas - Casual Date Spot 10

With three locations throughout the greater Austin area, a Pinballz is easily accessible no matter in what part of town you find yourself. “Great,” you might be saying, only to add almost immediately, “what the hell is Pinballz?”

Pinballz is a favorite among Austin locals who enjoy classical and modern gaming. Think of it as an arcade that combines a wide variety of classic pinball machines and modern arcade games under one roof. Pinballz also offers a tasty selection of food and beverage choices. That means that you can eat well and drink even better at Pinballz.

For the purposes of showing your casual date a fun and enjoyable preamble to what hopefully becomes a night of lustful pleasure, Pinballz offers a very down to earth and casual option.

Visit Pinballz

11. The White Horse

The White Horse Austin Texas - Casual Date Spot 11

No place will provide you with what can be described as the “full” Texas experience than spending some time in The White Horse. Described by locals as a “Tejano-style ballroom and drinking joint,” The White Horse has live musical entertainment nightly. This includes country, bluegrass, tejano and R&B artists. For imbibement, the specialty of the house is a spiked lemonade that is affectionately called “Sh*tty Lemonade.” Yes, this place is a real dose of Texas. It is fun, big, and not afraid to be loud for the sake of real good time.

Visit The White Horse

— Austin Motels and Hotels Perfect for Your Casual Encounter —

As you know, having a memorable and fulfilling casual encounter involves more than finding and hooking up with the right person and spending time at a public place — no matter how much fun it may be. In the end, it comes down to spending some hot and pleasurable moments in a far more private setting. Sure, there’s always the chance that the person you hookup with will invite you to their place, but it’s best to be prepared to have a safe and discreet location of your own.

Fortunately, Austin offers many inexpensive as well as luxurious options when it comes to hotel and motel accommodations.

– Inexpensive Options

1. Motel 6

Rooms for Casual Encounters - Motel 6

Yes, Motel 6 will always “leave the light on for you.” That’s what makes them a clean, safe and very inexpensive option when you are in Austin. If you include the Cedar Park and Georgetown areas, there are at least eight Motel 6s in the greater Austin area. This makes them very convenient for hooking up as one is always nearby no matter where you meet up.

Also, being modestly priced, conveniently located, and comfortable, you can use it as your primary lodging during your stay or simply as the discreet location for your casual encounter while you make your formal stay elsewhere. Sometimes it is best to keep business and pleasure separate.

Visit Motel 6

2. America Best Value Inn- North Central Austin

Rooms for Casual Encounters - Americas Best Value

Of course, room rates will always vary based on occupancy and season, but the America Best Value Inn located on Koenig Lane will always offer one of the best-priced rooms in Austin. Rates as low as $35 to $40 are not uncommon. Also, its location is such that it offers discretion while also being near all of the major sites that Austin has to offer. Secure parking is also a plus, especially if someone spends the night with you and wants to make sure that their car is safe and protected from nosey and prying eyes while you engage in, well… you know.

Visit America Best Value Inn

3. Red Roof Inn – Austin North

Rooms for Casual Encounters - red roof inn

Located right off of Interstate 35, this Red Roof Inn is not only economically priced, but it also offers one of the best locations and accessibility when discretion is of the utmost importance. You can literally be in and out without much chance of being spotted. This means that if your casual encounter involves extramarital hanky-panky on one or both of your parts, at least you have a place where the chance of being discovered by a jealous husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend is at its lowest.

Visit Red Roof Inn

– Luxury Options

1. Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt

Rooms for Casual Encounters - kimpton

The Kimpton is located within walking distance of the State Capitol and the Governor’s Mansion. In terms of style and luxury, this hotel is considered to be on of the best in Austin. Full of all of the perks that you would expect from a luxury hotel — fine dining, 24-hour room service and top-notch attention to detail — it will certainly impress your casual date.

Visit Hotel Van Zandt

2. Four Seasons Downtown

Rooms for Casual Encounters - Four Seasons

If you want to combine luxury with the sophistication offered by the downtown district of Austin, the Four Seasons Hotel is your best bet. With both lakeside and city view rooms available, the Four Seasons will provide you with comfort and luxury during your stay while creating the perfect setting for an intense night of no-strings-attached passion.

Yes, the Four Seasons is costly, but when it comes to setting an ambiance that is elegant and world-class, it is definitely worth it.

Visit Four Seasons Hotel

3. Fairmont

Rooms for Casual Encounters - Fairmont Hotel

This 37-story hotel is the newest luxury hotel in Austin. If you enjoy the idea of partaking of the newest and latest form of exclusive luxury, the Fairmont is for you. With five restaurants on-site, you can literally meet in the lobby, have dinner and then proceed to your stunningly appointed room for a night to remember without ever having to leave the building. Talk about convenience.

Visit Fairmont Hotel

– Alternative Lodging Options

Aside from affordable and luxury motels and hotels, Austin also has several hostels that can be a real blessing to those traveling on a tight budget. Of course, a hostel is not a suitable location to bring your casual date for a fling, but if you are on a prolonged stay, the money you save by staying at a hostel should allow you to splurge on one of the affordable lodging options mentioned above for those “special” nights.

Online marketplaces for short-term accommodations, such as Airbnb, are also a great resource for finding a wide variety of lodging options. Austin has many apartments, condos, and homes available for rent in this manner. These make ideal discreet locations for your intimate encounters while in Austin. They provide increased privacy and comfort — two key components of any successful casual encounter.

— Getting Around in Austin With Your Casual Date —

Austin is one of those rare cities that is well-suited for multiple modes of transport. For a city having a metro area of more than two million people, it can have traffic issues during rush hour, but even so, street-level driving is comfortable and safe. If you rent a car and have to access different points of the city, it will not be the tense and arduous task that it is in some other cities. Imagine, for example, being in L.A. and having to pick up your date in the Valley to then go to dinner in Malibu and then go back to your hotel on Wilshire Boulevard. Such a trek could take days! Austin isn’t like that. You can cover long distances smoothly by car.

Austin is also very bike-friendly and is rated among the top 50 cities in the U.S. for walking. That means that if you want to keep things down to earth, or if you want to minimize your carbon footprint while you are there, it is easy to get around with your date without an automobile.

— Conclusion —

There is no doubt that Austin is one of the most vibrant, youthful and energetic cities in the United States. Whether you are a visitor or a newly arrived resident to Austin, finding human companionship in the form of casual encounters is easier than in most other Texan cities. The vibe and dynamic of its people are such that finding open-minded kindred spirits is a breeze. This is even more so if you use effective dating platforms such as AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison, and Instant Hookups — the proven and most effective dating tools for the Austin market.

Without a shortage of fun places to visit, nice places to stay, and open-minded sexually active people — Austin and casual encounters go hand in hand.

If you were ever under the misimpression that the whole of Texas is a bastion of traditional behavior, not welcoming of more permissive or progressive lifestylers — Austin will prove to you that there is at least one city in Texas that can let its hair down. Austin offers a refreshing atmosphere that is conducive to casual encounters. Hopefully by now, even if you don’t have any pressing or pertinent business in Austin, you have started planning your next trip to Austin.